Warr Squad

Warr Squad
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Vžijte se do role nejvyššího důstojníka vietnamské armády, který musí v táboře porazit všechny svoje nepřátele. Jediný rozdíl mezi pravým bojem bude v tom, že budete střílet na kulisy.

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#4Uživatel:Anonym9.9.2013 - 04:29

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#3Uživatel:Anonym8.9.2013 - 18:49

They get away with it because pelpoe like you don't know the law. And it appears that you have proven it several times in your message.Did you send them any WRITTEN letter? Were they sent certified so you can prove they got a copy? Don't even try to use computer files as a means for a defense. How do you expect a judge to read a corrupted file? Did the letter request that they VALIDATE the debt? You don't ask them to VERIFY the debt, that's completely differant. Validate means they have to send you any written contracts, bills, receipts, and everything that was used to calculate what you legally owe them. That's why they never sent you anything.When did this go into default? When was the last time you paid anything? In Ohio, the statute of limitations is a little fuzzy because they don't describe it very well. Oral debts are 6 years. Written debts are 15. Some are arguing that with no clear law, it should fall under US Commercial Code UCC2-725, which says only 4 years. Because it's vague, creditors will fight to call it a written contract. So, if your debt started in 1999 or prior, that is your first line of defense. If it goes to court, file a motion to have it dismissed based on the expiration of the statute of limitations. Either way, if they claim it's a written contract I hope they actually do have one.Whether they will sue you depends on the amount of the debt. If over $ 500 they may do it, especially if the collection agency/attorney is near where you live. If out of state, it will cost them more money. If it's less then $ 500 I think it's safe to say they won't mess with such a small debt.So what do you do?GET ARMED! Knowledge of the law is your only weapon. Don't fight these guys unarmed, read the links below.Start by getting the collection agent/attorney off your back. Send them a Validation letter. Use the template below. Also add a cease and desist warning so they will stop calling or writing you. Don't forget to also mention that this debt is more then 6 years old, and that the SOL has run out. If they want to waste their time with a lawsuit, go for it. By the way, this should also drop off your credit report real quick. They can't report them for more then 7 years.Do not talk to CA's or attorneys again. Your debt is to Sears, not them. You have no legal obligation to talk to a CA. http://aadavupmmqc.com [url=http://dlnzdq.com]dlnzdq[/url] [link=http://yivoas.com]yivoas[/link]

#2Uživatel:Anonym8.9.2013 - 10:53

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#1Uživatel:Anonym7.9.2013 - 01:01

Well, Matt, it is committed pfnoessiroals like you that every company hopes to find, but many fail to. It is hard to tell just by looking at a portfolio. And it is only over time, as you work with each other that you can tell who is in it for the long haul. All I am saying is, with an agency, usually, they are in it for the long haul due to the investments made and the time taken to build up the infrastructure. And processes, these are important. :)

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